It was Many years ago in Year 1979, when our Founders – Messrs. Jasem Yousef AlObaid, Ahmad Saleh AlShaya and Mohammad Sulaiman AlRefaie established Tanseek General Trading and Contracting Company (TGTC). At its inception, TGTC as a new entrant set foot on the horizon of Kuwait’s in Contracting & supply of industrial products & Equipment in Power & Water, Civil Construction & Infrastructure, General Trading sectors including agricultural Products, to the Government & Private Establishments in Kuwait & in the Middle East Region. The reliability, efficiency, and success of TGTC and its management have led to the company being endorsed as an approved vendor to the public sector.

TANSEEK General Trading & Contracting Company (hereinafter referred as (TGTC) was established to charter a new territory by extending our management expertise beyond our existing business verticals into the Contracting, and Construction.

Supply of specialized high-quality services, materials, and equipment. Since then, our mission has been to provide a vehicle through which the most innovative companies in the world could be responsive to the development needs of the State of Kuwait. To this date, our goal remains unchanged in which we bring the most successful and technologically advanced organizations together to meet the demands of Kuwait economic growth.

Our success is attributed to our increasing strive for excellence, and to our dedicated staff determined in providing services that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. Through our diverse industrial representation and technical knowledge, TGTC will strive to pioneer the energy strength of Kuwait and meet future demands with foresight and careful planning that has established our well-earned reputation.

Through commitment to excellence, a dedicated workforce, and an adaptation of leading technologies, TGTC will deliver quality, innovation, price sensitive products and services, and investment opportunities. Through this, TGTC becomes the prime choice for customers, investors, and other partners, in its worldwide domain of business, encompassing Power & Water, Construction, Infrastructure, and General Trading sectors.

Today, the TGTC represents specialist companies from the USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East & India, maintaining a steady service provider & supply of the very best of global products as it brings together the full spectrum of Engineering & Construction, Power & Water resources into a single coordinated enterprise.

As the industry continues to advance through new opportunities for exploration and production, construction, TGTC is committed to continuous improvement of its products, services, logistics and human resources, to bring clients unparalleled value and a competitive edge. In the process, TGTC helps ensure sustained growth and profitability for its clients and itself.

The company’s goals are not measured in numbers of transactions. TGTC true success is measured by whether it helps its clients achieve greater accomplishments. In that sense, TGTC strives to be a true partner, with a common concern for good business practices and solid business results.

Mission & Vision

blend of global reach, local knowledge, innovation, and technical excellence. We are united by our shared vision, mission, and guiding principles.

Our Vision:

TANSEEK professionals are united by a common purpose “to enhance and sustain Kuwait’s built natural and social environments”. Hence, TANSEEK consistently builds a reputation as an indispensable auxiliary partner by supporting the realization of key projects through service innovations and the supply of superlative Services, Equipment and Materials.

Our mission:

As partners in the growth of the industry, TANSEEK continually endeavors to strengthen its present associations in Kuwait and further its expertise by exploring new collaborations experienced in meeting the industry’s business dynamics, TANSEEK welcomes challenges and is driven to deliver reliable, efficient, and credible solutions to support projects, and is committed continuously to providing both our Associates and Customers with the highest emphasis of Quality services.